AwstWelsh for august—which looks like the month the press was founded. au·gust (ôˈɡəst/) adjective. Respected and impressive.

Pronunciation of Awst: We don't care how you pronounce it as long as you spread the word.
(Google Translate sounds more like "oust", but our presence in Austin means we gravitate towards "Awe-st".)

Awst Press is an independent literary publisher located in Austin, TX featuring impressive work from diverse voices. 

Awst seeks to publish authors whose work fits our aesthetic and fulfills our vision of inclusivity and community. We endeavor to support authors through each project and beyond by increasing their respective audiences, playing an active role in the editorial and publishing process of all projects, promoting their activities well past their publication with Awst via the website and social media, and seeking ways to compensate them for their efforts including generous royalties and identifying grants for which they might be eligible. Authors are provided an author page on this website, and updates on authors, news, and details of upcoming events are posted regularly on Facebook and Twitter.  

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