By Bob Schneider

There’s a map of the world in
This museum
It was made a long time ago
And it doesn’t look
Very much like the world we know

And the world is full of people
Who call ‘em like they see ‘em
And they seem to have all the answers
But I don’t believe

They’re lost
Just like you and me are

Got these satellites
Up in heaven
To remind me where I’m going
And what my heroes
Might be doing

They’re lost
Just like you and me are
They’re lost just like you and me are
Just like you and me are

To see more of Bob's poetry, follow the link below for his chapbook or find more on his Awst page. Find more info on Bob's music at his website

Awst Collection - Bob Schneider

This chapbook contains 15 new poems from Bob. This is printed on premium paper and hand-sewn. Artwork provided by Christa Blackwood.