Love is Everywhere

By Bob Schneider

Sum li was a pilot in the nationally known
Amazing ladies of the outer ozone
She didn’t have no kids she didn’t have no time
She was a woman of her word she was a fighter of crime
She looked good in a hat she had a natural way
With tools and old cars she went to UCLA

They all used to say she was crazy as a loon
When she was a girl she’d spend every afternoon
Sitting in her backyard pretending to be
A fighter ace in the Japanese military
She liked to make up her mind she kept her feet in the air
She wore her heart on her sleeve cause she liked it there

It was all well and good till she met this young man
A young pilot named Steve with a beautiful tan
He spoke English and French and he swam like a swan
He had a mouthful of teeth and more style than Cezanne
He could talk to the bees he could breathe in the air
He wore his heart on his sleeve cause he’d found it there

And they’d sit in the trees and they’d talk through the night
While the blind moon swam in the pale starry light
And they laughed and they crowed they told what they knew
It was better than beer it was all strange and new
There was grass all around there was black up above
It was more than hello it was something like love

And I don’t know why life it seems to be
So hard for dreamers like you and me
When love is… love is…
Love is everywhere

from the album, I'm Good Now.

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