Hashtag Series

Excerpts from “A Day in the Life Of…
#Hashtag Series

By Lisa Botone

I sit on the bench, sunning, as she approaches. I know of her, but don’t know her personally. All I know is what everybody knows—she’s crazy. Her clothes are disheveled and her hair is greasy. She carries a stack of books in her arms. We stay away. She talks to herself and reads—but not from the books in her arms, from imaginary books in the air. I walk away with one last glance over my shoulder. The top book in her arms is titled “Introduction to Astrophysics.” Shame on me for judging.
#DontJudge #BookCovers

Mat, mat you are so flat
No matter which way I lay
You put a kink in my back.
Mat, mat you are so short
No matter how much I fluff
You could use a little more.
Mat, mat you are so mean
You’re bumpy and lumpy
And who painted you blue-green?
Mat, Mat I don’t know where you’re from
But I didn’t bring you here
And you’ll need to find a new home.
#MatsSuck #Enemies

I await you. I sometimes think I see you from the corner of my eye, waiting for me too. But when I look, you’re not there. So I continue on in my walk in life only to feel your breath on the back of my neck. At night when I sleep, I sometimes feel you near my body. In my dreams, you’re in the background always beyond my reach. I awake to both silence and loneliness. Until the time we are supposed to meet, I will be ready for you.

I want to see you. I want to lay my eyes on your shapely body.
I want to feel you. I want to feel your sweaty form in my hand.
I want to taste your distinctive flavor run down my throat.
I want to experience your effect on all my senses.
I want to get lost in your presence like nothing else matters.
I want everything you have to offer.
I want you.
#IceColdCorona #AnyBeerWillDo

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