Money, Money, Money

By Liz Blood

Money makes me squirm.

When Wendy and Tatiana, our publisher and editor, respectively, approached me about doing an interview series on the topic of money, my first thought was, “Money is boring and gross.” I can be a real sourpuss. 

It caused conflict between my parents when I was a child. Fresh out of grad school making student loan payments, I went into debt buying gas and groceries on a credit card. For most of my life, I have identified money with survival and scarcity. “Money is the root of all evil” was something I believed for a long time. These days, I’m not sure exactly what my feelings about it are, but luckily I didn’t have to suss that out—my interviewees did. 

I chose to interview people who I thought might have a fresh take on the stuff that, for better or worse, makes our world work. My hope with each was to have a deep conversation. Two of my interviewees both said this exact phrase to me: “Money is deep.” And they’re right.

I hope you enjoy the questions and their answers as we explore together what money means today, how it makes us feel, and what it’s connected to. We’re excited to unfold this series with you.


We will post the first interview tomorrow!

Pollyanna or Whatever, posted 8/28/18

Liz Blood

Liz Blood