Winter Wind Etude

By Lillian Kwok

We´re running down a staircase. Faster and faster with
the wind at our backs, wind becomes ice, wind becomes
storm. We should not be laughing. We cannot breathe.
Your face desperate for air, I look behind me. Such
thrill, then terror—the speed at which this first began,
the speed at which things fall apart, the speed at which I
lose you.



Published 4/7/15. See Lillian's Awst Press page for more of her work.

Awst Collection - Lillian Kwok

This is the print version of Lillian Kwok's Author Collection. It includes nine--three previously unpublished and six previously published--pieces. Includes previous publications from Burnt District, Zoo Cake Press, Mascara Review, and Paper Darts.

Published 4/7/15


The digital version is e-reader friendly to all that who PDFs.