Announcing Sneaky Feels

We are happy to announce that John Proctor has agreed to let us share a series of his Sneaky Feels. For the week leading up to Halloween, we'll have daily postings starting October 24th. 

What exactly are Sneaky Feels? We'll let John explain:

I haven’t started an art-pop band, though The Sneaky Feels would be a great name for one. I’ve just had a lot of the feels sneaking up on me lately, and I’ve also been feeling a bit non-productive with my writing, busy as I’ve been with teaching and fussing over an essay collection that I’m so, so tired of looking at. Starting about a month ago, I’ve been writing my sneaky feels as they come to me—on the train, late at night, alone or with my family, sitting at my office desk, whatever, just trying to get back to the joy and horror and fuckitallness of producing words that mean something to me without knowing exactly what they mean. It’s been nice writing without the pressure of thinking it has to become something; imagine my surprise to find that they have now become something.
— John Proctor

They're non-fiction. They're micro. It'll only take seconds to read them, but you'll think about them far longer than that. We're excited about offering something new, different on the site. Watch for them!

BIO: John Proctor lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, two daughters, and Chihuahua. An active reader on the New York City open mike scene, he’s written memoir, fiction, poetry, criticism, and just about everything in the space between them. His work has been published in Assay Journal of Nonfiction StudiesAtlas & AliceThe WeeklingsEssay DailyThe Normal SchoolThe Austin ReviewDIAGRAM, Superstition ReviewUnderwater New YorkDefunct, New MadridNumero CinqMcSweeney’sTrouser Press, and New York Cool, and is forthcoming in an international anthology of microfiction. His essay “The Question of Influence” was a recent Notable selection in The Best American Essays 2015, and his essay “The A-Rod of Ballhawking” was nominated for a 2016 Pushcart. He teaches academic writing, media studies, and communication theory at Manhattanville College. You can find him and more Sneaky Feels online at

Photo by Amalia Proctor

Photo by Amalia Proctor