Welcome, Bob Schneider

Today, we're turning the focus to Owen Egerton's fourth author, Bob Schneider. Below is his bio. We'll be posting work over the next two weeks. To see his new work, follow the link below.

BIO: Bob Schneider was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. When he was two, his parents moved to Germany where he spent most of his childhood. After attending the University of Maryland in Munich, Germany and then the University of Texas at El Paso, where he majored in fine art, he moved to Austin, Texas where he currently resides. He has written two books of poetry and has received no awards for either. He continues to write, make art, record, perforn and produce music for a living and has written over a thousand songs, some of which you may have heard.

Awst Collection - Bob Schneider

This chapbook contains 15 new poems from Bob. This is printed on premium paper and hand-sewn. Artwork provided by Christa Blackwood.

List of poems:

A Man Of Fifty Or So

All Things Must Shine

Bob Dylan Looking Into Someone’s Window

Church Clothes

Gene Simmons' Air Hockey Table

Groucho Marx

It’s Hard To Write A Good Song These Days

Just Another Day In The Hood


Nothing But The Facts

The Dead Monkeys

The Fire That Stories Explain

The Top Of The Wall

The Younger Nick

Things To Do

Sample poem:

Church clothes

Up in the air
With the flies

The world is
As small

As the lies you
Told me about

Where you were
All day