Front Porch Journal Interview of David Olimpio

There's a new interview up at Front Porch Journal with David Olimpio by Shannon Perri. Check out his answers about his new book, This Is Not a Confession, including how it came to be titled and what decisions were made about the pieces that were included. Plus, there's Wittgenstein, Deconstructionism, and Maya Angelou.

If you want to get a copy of This Is Not a Confession, visit your local independent bookstore or order it through Amazon or SPD books. You can also order it below from us.

This is Not a Confession

Through these powerful and insightful essays, David Olimpio explores the residual effects of sexual abuse, divorce, and grief. With surprising candor and a disarming sense of humor, Olimpio takes on the outwardly wholesome landscape of his suburban Houston childhood and the complex sexual relationships in his adult life. Both poignant and poetic, This Is Not a Confession leaves us with a sense that our identities have the power to transcend our circumstances.