Thoughts on Gene Kwak's work

Gene has both his Awst Collection out this week, as well as a new chapbook, Orphans Burning Orphans, from Greying Ghost Press. He already had much feedback on his chapbook, so we are sharing those blurbs instead of finding others to say the same thing about his Awst Collection. 

"The stories in Orphans Burning Orphans feel like an intonation. A warning hum that you follow with your starving eyes. I couldn't look away, and then the fire was gone. I mean and then the book ended, but I miss the flames." - Lindsay Hunter

“In Orphans Burning Orphans, Gene Kwak’s characters make mistakes but somehow maintain an earthy grace in the face of cosmic fuckery. Kwak’s prose is perfect. Watch out, Warren Buffet: there’s a new oracle out of Omaha, one whose sentences pulse with electric poetry and genuine blood.” - Ryan Ridge

"Each sentence conjures a snow globe just long enough to see it smashed. Kwak's stories are winding songs of pain, showing us the blood." - Rachel B. Glaser

"All hail the sailing from the top rope. That’s where Orphans Burning Orphans launches from, an elbow pointed at wisdom’s huevos, a bag of buffalo nickels perched on its head and bloody exclamation marks tattooed across its knuckles. These stories pray to Geronimo, Superman, and Michael Jordan. Myth and mess and frail screaming in your house slippers, starbursts of tragedy, Starburst-rotten teeth. Gene Kwak is true guts, and this is his intro music." - Mike Young