Cleaver Magazine reviews HARBORS

Benjamin Woodward has put up an excellent review of Donald Quist's, Harbors at Cleaver Magazine.

Be it via police brutality, hateful speech, or deep-seated ignorance, racism remains baked into the American equation, as Baldwin observed, harmful to all, though destructive for black men and women. In Thailand, Quist is free from such oppression. He can sit and ponder his place in the universe. He can write essays that challenge the bigoted viewpoints of others without fear of physical retaliation. He can begin to find a sense of healing and share it with others through prose, and isn’t that the greatest gift one can ask for?
— Benjamin Woodward, Cleaver Magazine

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Suspended between continents and cultures, Donald Quist charts the forceful undercurrents of an American identity. Through these essays Quist explores feelings of oppression and alienation as he wrestles with a single act of violence in a Washington, D.C. suburb, racial tensions in a rural South Carolina town, and the welcome anonymity of crowded Bangkok streets. These personal narratives are rich with Quist’s experience growing up as a person of color caught between parents, socioeconomic classes, and the countries he calls home.

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