HARBORS review at LA Progressive

We are thrilled to see the first review up for Donald Quist's forthcoming book, Harbors, by Diane Lefer in LA Progressive. Better yet, she turned it into an essay—and we love Diane's essays!

Harbors will be out 9/22/16. Pre-orders are happening now through 8/9/16 and include free shipping and a postcard from the author. If purchased by 8/1/16, each order will include a free e-book scheduled for a December release that can be given away. 


Suspended between continents and cultures, Donald Quist charts the forceful undercurrents of an American identity. Through these essays Quist explores feelings of oppression and alienation as he wrestles with a single act of violence in a Washington, D.C. suburb, racial tensions in a rural South Carolina town, and the welcome anonymity of crowded Bangkok streets. These personal narratives are rich with Quist’s experience growing up as a person of color caught between parents, socioeconomic classes, and the countries he calls home.

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