HeadStuff Interview with Donald Quist

Nick Hilbourn has interviewed Donald Quist over at HeadStuff.org. Below are some excerpts, but follow the link to read the whole thing.

...it is reductive to call HARBORS a political work. Quist is an artist and all of his experiences contribute to the forming (and the continual formation) of his aesthetic. His experimentations with the non-fiction genre as well as with the form of narrative show a writer who plays jazz with the written word (a la Colson Whitehead) but maintains an undeniable depth and urgent meaning to his work (consider Toni Morrison).
— Nick Hilbourn
I have never felt a sense of home anywhere. I have yet to encounter a physical location I feel tied to, a place where I feel a complete sense of belonging. I’m always looking for an exit, no matter where I go, always on guard, only more so in the United States. But I don’t feel that way on paper. When writing, I’m at home, I feel most safe to be myself.
— Donald Quist

Harbors can be purchased at SPD Books (20% discount through October), Amazon, here, or your local independent bookstore.