Welcome Laura Warman

We're launching Tatiana Ryckman's third author today as part of her curator series. We'll post Laura's first piece later today.

Laura A. Warman is a performance poet based in Amherst, MA. She is the author of How Much Does It Cost? (Cars Are Real Press) and DRONE LOVE (Gauss PDF). She is the founder of GLASS PRESS, a publisher of art and poetry on flash drives, and a member of the feminist art collective dadpranks. Recently, Warman has had work in shows at MOCA Cleveland and Open Engagement. 

WEB: lauraawarman.com

TWITTER: @LauraAWarman

In her work, Laura Warman takes on the body like a fight to the death, and her writing demands full attention. Not because you won’t “get it” otherwise, but because it’s got you by the throat and mid-chokehold is no time to get distracted. There is something violent but calculated in her essays, which lures me in and slays me every time. The essay Laura Warman Writes About Sex, originally published on Queen Mob’s Teahouse, is the sort of essay I revisit for days, chanting lines to myself while feeling my brain pulse.
— Tatiana Ryckman