Welcome, Lindsey Verrill

Today, we're turning the focus to Owen Egerton's third author, Lindsey Verrill. Below is her bio. We'll be posting her previously published work over the next two weeks. To see her new work, follow the link below.

(We wrapped up Felix Morgan's time without uploading an interview—we had several snafus—but we'll get it up soon.)

Bio: Lindsey Verrill is, despite what you might have heard, from Dallas, Texas. Her earliest influences include her dad's Beatles records, the family dog, Chas Addams comics, and a cassette copy of the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing. Her family was Christian Scientists. That means they didn’t believe in doctors. A bunch of other stuff happened and then she learned to play the banjo, got more dogs, and moved to Austin, Texas to pursue a career in music. In between tours and other things, Lindsey draws comics about the tender absurdity that this life sometimes is.