Melanie, Money, and More

We're getting excited over here at the Press. It might be the cooler weather, but we also have plenty of good things happening.

We're nearly halfway through Amy Gentry's series. Bridget Brewer has been featured. Melanie Westerberg's Feature wraps today. If you haven't read their stories, it's not too late. 

Kendra Fortmeyer is rocking out the Press starting tomorrow—something about sex, drugs and...yup...rock 'n roll. 

The Texas Book Festival is around the corner (10/17 & 10/18). Come see us at Booth #315. We're going to have plenty of gorgeous chapbooks on display, ready for adoption. If you're attending TBF, designate 'local pickup' and we'll have them waiting for you. If you really want to spice things up, come see us at The Volstead Saturday night for Lit Crawl. We're hosting Lit Crawl Against Humanity with Newfound at 8:30 PM.

LaToya Watkins is going to anchor this series starting on the 22nd as our 16th author. SIX-TEEN! Time sure flies when you're in stellar company.

In November we'll be at E.A.S.T.—come check out our studio on Bolm Rd—and we'll be tabling at the Austin Zine Fest. Whew! 

We're hoping to see plenty of people at TBF next week. Don't worry if you can't make it in from out of town though, use TBF in the coupon code and it'll get you free shipping. If you purchase online for local pickup, we'll refund you the same amount. 

It's all about good books, y'all!