Welcome, Melanie Westerberg

We're excited to introduce Melanie Westerberg as our next author. We'll start rolling out her work starting tomorrow. In the meantime, here is her bio. Stay tuned!

Melanie Westerberg is the author of the novella City in the River, City in the Forest (Hag’s Head Press). Her stories have appeared in Best New American Voices, the Austin ChronicleEleven ElevenMid-American ReviewThird Coast, and Torpedo. She holds an MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts, where she also studied textiles. She was born in Iowa and now lives in Austin, Texas, works as a legal editor, and is feverishly revising the novel from which this piece is excerpted. She is grateful to Madroño Ranch’s residency program for offering the quiet cabin and landscape in which much of the aforementioned novel has been realized.