Thoughts on P. E. Garcia's work

"Like a very highly polished mirror, P.E. Garcia is simultaneously
reflective & dazzling. He is an illusion and a byword for
hokery-pokery. When he shatters, he is a weapon. When he is whole, he
is implacably truthful. When he is smeared, it's kind of interesting.
We have all gazed long into P.E. Garcia, searching for a better self.
We have gazed and gazed. He's not giving anything away."
— Ka Bradley, editor, writer, sad ghost, Granta & Portobello Books

"To say that P.E. Garcia is one of the only tolerable men writing
right now would be an understatement. If P.E. Garcia were himself a
book, he would be the one you always give as a birthday present (until
years later you realize none of your friends ever mentioned actually
reading it). He inspires a dedication. He is words you come to with
delight. Intelligent and clever, but not a chore. Acerbic and
depressed, but “in a good way.” Have you read P.E. Garcia? Why the
hell not?"
— Sonya Vatomsky, author of full-length Salt is for Curing(2015) and
chapbook My Heart in Aspic, assistant editor at Fruita Pulppoetry
journal, Best of the Net 2015 nominee, ghost.

"I first met Mr Garcia in 1932. I call him Mr not out of a lack of
familiarity but of an overabundance of respect. I met him walking down
the street of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He was eating a tuna fish
sandwich. We passed by each other and nodded and at that moment an
overwhelming aroma of the pulpwood mills overcame us and a voice
called out from the alleyway. “Psst,” it hissed loudly. We went up to
the voice and said “What?” And the voice said “I am that I am.” Mr
Garcia and I looked at each other, unsure of the situation, but
knowing we had stumbled upon something Holy. “Are you...the Lord” I
finally was able to meekly sputter out. And at that the voice got
grand, and exalted, and it resounded “I WOULD LKE A BITE OF THAT TUNA
FISH SAMMICH.” Ever since that day I've been able to heal people,
because I tore that sandwich out of Mr Garcia's hands and gave it unto
the Lord. And ever since that day Mr Garcia has been a poet."
— S Cearley, poet (not a ghost)