Philalalia 2016

Come see us this week in Philadelphia at Philalalia 2016! Thursday-Saturday, 12-5 pm.

We'll have chapbooks from all of our authors: Susanna Childress, David Olimpio, Dan Bevacqua, Lillian Kwok, RE Katz, Gene Kwak, Ella Longpre, Nalini Edwin, Chelsea Martin, P. E. Garcia, Laura Warman, Normandy Sherwood, Bridget Brewer, Melanie Westerberg, Kendra Fortmeyer, LaToya Watkins, Erin Pringle, Felix Morgan, Lindsey Verrill and Bob Schneider. 

We'll also have copies of David Olimpio's This Is Not a Confession and Donald Quist's Harbors available.

David will be reading on Thursday and P. E. Garcia will be reading on Saturday. There are lots of other cool vendors to check out, as well as a variety of events.