Pushcart Prize Nominee: Sophfronia Scott

Our next nominee, Sophfronia Scott, was also part of the essay series in August. Her essay, "Of Flesh And Spirit" has so many profound parts to it that quoting the whole piece seems appropriate. In an era where participation in organized religion is on the decline, it is interesting—maybe even mildly surprising—to see a discussion on spirituality. Add sexuality and the pleasures of one's body to the mix and we have a real eye opener. 

A person so close to the veil would feel the energy tethering him between the earth and his being, and between his being and the divine. And why wouldn’t that energy temporarily obliterate his pain and crack him open like a sorcerer’s stone through the most sublime release the human body can experience? The angel utters these words: “The body is the garden of the soul.”
— Sophfronia Scott from "Of Flesh And Spirit"

To read the essay in full, go here.

We have received so much positive feedback on this essay. The overwhelming majority of responses have been from women—happy for the honesty, happy for the graceful treatment of the topics, happy to have sexuality and spirituality intertwined so easily. We are greatly appreciative that we had the opportunity to share these words.