Book Prize

2019 Awst Press Book Prize Semi-finalists

We are pleased to announce the semi-finalists for the first Awst Press Book Prize! We are infinitely grateful to all of the authors who participated. We received many wonderful entries from around the world and we were thrilled with the caliber and diversity of the work submitted. It has been a summer filled with magic, grit, heartache, wisdom, and wow.

We will be making finalist selections shortly and will send three manuscripts to our contest judge, T Kira Madden, to select our winners. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Before Stonewall by Edward M. Cohen

Bunnies by Emi Benn

Majnun by Makmak Faunlagui

May Contain Shell Fragments by Richard Hartshorn

Nine Times Gretchen King is Mistaken by Marcelle Heath

Old Woman and Eel by Joyce Goldenstern

Scenic Overlook by Anne Ray

Semiotic Love [Stories] by Brian Whalen

Teen Queen Training by Kristine Langley Mahler

We are Invited to Climb by Andrew Yoon