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Thoughts on Susanna Childress's New Work

"One thing I’ve always been drawn to in Susanna Childress’s work—work I’ve had the pleasure of reading since we were in graduate workshops together over ten years ago—is her talent in the art of sentence-making, in modulating the subtleties of tone and voice by way of an innate syntactical grace. And speaking of grace: I need these poems. They teach me to live. And I need this poet, whose intellect is so large and yet whose instinct is to turn away from rhetoric and toward the more difficult task of honoring deeply the most complicated, soiled, soul-muddling parts of this experience of living. I need every single one of these poems here, for each in its own way offers me the clarity of unknowing, of never knowing. And that is quite enough for me."

from Carrie Fountain, Michener Fellow, writer-in-residence at St. Edward’s University, and award-winning poet

"Susanna Childress’s poems pulse with the feverish ebb of life, capturing the ordinary magic that lingers in its algid wake."

from Sean Redmond, Editor in Chief at fields magazine