TINAC Reminder

If you're considering purchasing This Is Not a Confession, get your order in before the end of the day on 3/12/16. This gets you free shipping (a value of $4.25) and a free e-book that can be given to somebody else (a value of $6.99).

Here's our most recent blurb on the book.

In the end, our stories are the most powerful things we have,” David Olimpio writes in THIS IS NOT A CONFESSION. Born not of a singular form but forged from many - essay, memoir, hybrid, collage - this book is as textured and varied as the human experience. It may defy easy classification, but readers will agree: here is an unforgettable debut that will shatter you. With devastating honesty and keen, poetic insight, Olimpio captures the fluidity of time and selfhood as he pierces the heart of the age-old question: What makes us? “We create our memories; they do not create us.
— Sara Lippmann, author of Doll Palace: Stories

We're starting to see review copies out in the "wild." See all the images on the TINAC Facebook page. 

Image by  Amy Shearn .

Image by Amy Shearn.

We've also set up a page on our website for the book so that you can keep track of all of the events and news. Go here.