Up Next At Awst Press

We will be at AWP (YAY!) next week in Minneapolis, MN spreading the word about the great group of authors we are featuring. If you will be there next week and want to get your collection(s) then, send a message to awst@awst-press.org. Thanks for the orders so far! We are keeping the printers busy and making books as quickly as we can. The plan is to ship the next batch within a couple of days.

On Tuesday, we will launch Lillian Kwok's Feature starting with a few of her pieces online before throwing in an interview with Paul Adams. 

After we get back from AWP, we will launch Mike Young's Curator Series. Up first is RE Katz. We're so excited to see what this group creates and can't wait to share it with you. 

Today, we signed up for the New South Festival to be held on June 6th, in Austin, TX. Go here for more info. If you are in Austin that weekend, you can't miss it.