Vida Cross Interview Plus Events

Fiona Mcvie recently interviewed Vida Cross. See it here.

Some of the poems, not all, have a small thread of truth. Some are based on actual events that occurred in my grandparents lives. My grandparents migrated from Mississippi to Chicago and they bought a home on 35th street in Bronzeville. Later, they had to sell the home for Chicago’s first attempt at gentrifying that area.
— Vida Cross

If you're in Illinois this weekend, you have two opportunities to see Vida.

She'll be at Knox College in Galesburg, IL signing books today.

Tomorrow, she'll be at Hungry For Stories #9 at the Read/Write Library to discuss Bronzeville at Night: 1949.

Hungry for Stories is designed to raise discussion around the culture and expression we value as a city through diverse, contemporary Chicago books. With the selection of wildly different forms, genres and voices from across the city, we hope to grow a community committed to reading outside of their comfort zones.
— Read/Write Library

Check out the FB event page for more details.