It's Been A Great Year!

Last year at this time, we were getting organized—setting up a website, launching Facebook and Twitter pages, and deciding what exactly Awst Press would be about—and then tweaking the concept until we were ready to start our first series in February. We're proud of the authors and curators from this inaugural year and we are excited for the possibilities moving forward. To celebrate, we've decided to offer both a series of essays, as well as pieces from four of our earlier authors. Interspersed in all of this will be announcements for our next curated series. 

Starting Monday, we will have an essay by Diane Lefer. On Tuesday, we will post David Olimpio's Variations on a Theme. On Wednesday, we'll announce the artist for the covers of the next curator series. On Thursday, we'll post Susanna Childress's Retroactive Empathy: A Haunting. On Friday, we'll post an essay from Donald Quist. Great things happening all week!

Thank you for supporting our authors by purchasing chapbooks and staying connected to us. We're wrapping up six months of very diverse work and we're going to add a little more to it with our essay series. It'll be a little serious around here for a moment, but we think it's worth it. Tune in Monday to start reading the first one. Or, stick around later this morning for our first book announcement at 9:00 CST and/or our next curator lineup at 10:00 CST.