Men who have made love to me (2010)

Men who have made love to me was a recreation of a lost 1917 silent film and a "director's commentary" style performance.  In the recreated film, Mary MacLane, the "wild woman of Butte" lists the many types of men who have attempted to tame her.

In the performance, Mary MacLane gives live, unhinged, and occasionally maudlin boudoir commentary on (a recreation of) her (lost) 1917 silent film of the same name.

In the film and the performance, Mary Maclane was portrayed by Juliana Francis Kelly.  The film was directed by K. Allen and adapted (from MacLane's writing)  and designed by Normandy Sherwood.   The still photo used as a thumbnail for this page was taken by Scott Irvine.

The project premiered at the Metropolitan Playhouse's 2010 "Another Sky" festival, and was a part of an evening called "Mary MacLane: Confessionalist" that featured a play by Trish Harnetiaux about the young Mary MacLane OH, DEAR, SWEET, BITTER OLIVE

See an excerpt of the film here:

To see the script for Normandy's play, Permanent Caterpillar (Abridged), follow the link below.

Awst Collection - Normandy Sherwood

Normandy Sherwood's Awst Collection in print includes the script for Permanent Caterpillar (Abridged). Hand sewn. 35 pages. Available for shipping now.

This play iwas produced for a May 21 - June 4, 2016 run.