Introducing Amy Gentry, our third guest curator

I am not sure when I became aware of Amy Gentry, but at some point I started recognizing her name in local Austin publications and in conjunction with clever analysis across my social media feed. I always feel more educated or more convinced of my own opinions after reading her work. I don’t know many people who can write about Magic Mike XXL, switch to critical analysis of current books, switch again to race matters, switch back to advocating for Safe Place, and then throw in something about style. She does it all. And well. 

In searching for curators, we are always interested in mixing things up—different genres, differences in authors, different geographies, etc. With a PhD in English from the University of Chicago, we know she is trained to spot excellent work and to articulate her thoughts well. As a writer and book reviewer—with work appearing in The RumpusThe HairpinLA Review of Books, the Chicago TribuneGastronomica, and the Austin Chronicle—residing in Austin, Texas, she has plenty of exposure to some of the best authors the state has to offer. This makes her a perfect choice for curating. All of our authors thus far reside outside of Texas, so we are excited to see that Amy's series will include superstars closer to home.

Stay tuned for more info. We'll be announcing her authors and their schedule soon. Follow Amy on Twitter, @unlandedgentry or via her blog at

Wendy M. Walker