Introducing Dan Bevacqua

We are featuring Dan Bevacqua starting today. In several ways, he is a different type of author than what we've had thus far. For one, his stories tend to be longer, so we'll post fewer of them. Also, Dan has had the luxury of eschewing social media, so it'll seem like a quieter Feature since we won't be directing you to the many ways to find his work or to follow him. Don't be mislead by this--he is highly regarded as an emerging writer. In fact, it was interest in his stories that fueled the start of Awst Press. 

In June, Adam Wilson suggested one of Dan's stories for Electric Literature's Recommended Reading. He wrote, "He’s also one of the best young writers in America, a true and singular talent, combining Carver-esque atmospherics with the black comic impulse of Thomas Bernhard, Don DeLillo’s ear for American absurdity, and characters that might have been written by Flannery O’Connor if she’d grown up in rural Vermont at the turn of the millennium." We couldn't say it any better!

Here's his BIO. Come back on Monday to read his first story.

Dan Bevacqua received his MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts. His work has appeared in the New Orleans Review, Tweed's Magazine of Literature and Art, The New Inquiry, and Gigantic. He is the fiction editor at JERRY Magazine, and lives in Northampton, MA.