Dan Bevacqua

Introducing APPs

Remember when you had to hit the stop button just right so that the songs were spaced consistently and cleanly? You were proud to have captured all the songs that matched your feels in the most perfect order. It didn't matter if the labels were missing because you knew which cassette was which based on how it was worn off. Too far back in time? Ok, remember how cool it was to make an iTunes playlist and print off a mosaic CD cover? If you trimmed and taped it just right, you had a homemade CD case. It provided endless options for gift giving—most especially for those amazing crushes where the right words were never available.

Fast forward through technology and we now only have to worry about the songs we choose and the order in which they are played. And there is so much music out there! It fits with just about anything you're doing. You can make a soundtrack for anything!

We're excited—geeking really—to introduce a little fun with our offerings—Awst Press Playlists. For the authors, it might be more than a little fun based on the excitement expressed so far. We've given them the option of attaching a playlist to each of their Awst Collections. 

David Olimpio, Dan Bevacqua, Lillian Kwok, and RE Katz have each created one for your listening pleasure. You can find them on their respective pages. We will roll out more soon. There's enough great music here to get you through the end of the workweek. If you want to see all of the playlists in one place, check out awstpress on Spotify. Follow your favorite authors. We suspect they'll continue to tinker with these as all true mixmasters are compelled to do. Enjoy!