Feather Gatherers

By Normandy Sherwood

Feather Gatherers (2014)

Enter the Devil, dressed as a Devil... In Feather Gatherers, a Stravinsky vaudeville set in a fictional 1960s Serbia (or is it West Virginia?), The Drunkard's Wife channels the spirit of Yugoslavian Black Wave film to renovate and re-cathect the 1918 "fairground entertainment", L'Histoire du Soldat—simultaneously returning it to its folk roots and using it to re-frame a classic Faust story as a rehearsal for a post-communist utopia—with echoes of the American Shakers’ heaven-on-earth, and of Wilhelm Reich’s orgone-energy-charged communitarian experiments.

Presented in New York City by the New Ohio Theatre as a part of its 2014 Ice Factory Festival.

See the video here.