Up Next at Awst Press

In August 2014, Awst Press was started with a mission of supporting writers—impressive work from diverse voices—and we are especially proud of this first year's group of writers and the work they've produced. Underlying this mission is a desire to be responsible members of the worldwide literary community by making an effort to effect positive change. To honor this instinct, we are pausing between curated series at our one-year anniversary mark (August 22nd) for two weeks to offer work from a diverse array of authors tackling a variety of topics. Each author had the latitude to choose their own topics with the simple request that they enlighten us about something especially important to them.

Conflict in America isn't new, but it feels that some of the flare-ups over the past year have been especially bad. I was in Kansas City getting the Press organized as Ferguson grew into prominent national news. As each conflict has arisen, I've hoped for somebody to say the things that would help heal the country. I'm not that person, but I am motivated to support writers who may have the words to make a difference.

Some topics offered up during this two-week period aren't polarized politics, but issues that don't get the necessary attention they deserve. We've been fortunate to have authors in our curated series who have fearlessly taken on the personal tragedy of miscarriages, child abuse and abandonment, and mental health. We don't care which side of a topic you'll choose to perch, but we do care that the topics are explored respectfully and hope that you become engaged. 

On Tuesday, August 18th, we'll announce our next curated series. 

Finally, we are also going to celebrate our anniversary by announcing our first book-length project. We're thrilled about the progress we've made so far and we are excited for this next phase. Tune in on August 22nd for all of the details.

Many thanks for supporting our authors!

Wendy M. Walker