Pushcart Prize Nominations

After much deliberation, the Awst Press staff worked out the following nomination list for next year's Pushcart Prize. It was a much lengthier process than we thought it might be because of the quality of work we had to choose from. We've been fortunate to have such a stellar group of authors working with us this year, and we're proud of what we've been able to publish. We couldn't have accomplished so much without the input and support from our curators—Mike Young, Tatiana Ryckman, and Amy Gentry.

If you are not familiar with an author, check out their author page. We will be reposting some of the nominated stories and posting others that haven't been made available online previously.

Print editions for individual authors are available in our chapbook shop.

Susanna Childress, Retroactive Empathy: A Haunting
David Olimpio, Variations on a Theme
RE Katz, Toeing the Real
Laura Warman, Fall of the Body
LaToya Watkins, Albino
Donald Quist, The Animals We Invent