Introducing RE Katz

We are very excited to introduce RE Katz, the first author from Mike Young's series. We've got several pieces ready to post over the next two weeks. Included below is her bio and a link to her new work.

The first up is I Found the Crawlspace Roomy, originally published in Issue 9 of Bat City Review. This will be available at 8:00 AM.

If you like what you read, go here to purchase her new work in print or digital form, and/or let your friends know how they can read her too.


RE Katz works as an artist in residence at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and as a teaching artist for the Just Buffalo Literary Center. She has taught at University of Massachusetts Amherst, Summer Institute for the Gifted, and the Juniper Institute for Young Writers. In the past year, she has worked with speech pathologists to develop language-based creative arts groups at the University at Buffalo Speech and Hearing Clinic. Her one-act play, Undark, debuted at Sugar City in Buffalo in November, 2014. She is the author of Any Berry You Like (iO Books, 2014). Her chapbook Pony at the Super is forthcoming from Horse Less Press. This summer she will present her work on The Poets’ Dream Database at the Electronic Literature Organization’s 2015 Conference in Bergen, Norway.