Thoughts on RE Katz's Work

“Katz’s poems demand that I switch a blurb for lunch. And for care that, turn by turn, becomes care.”

-Joe Hall

“Any Berry You Like is a chapbook that knots a density of desire into a density of image. Wild fullness, a place where sound wants what it reaches for. The turn of the line is a turn towards anything, towards any nightmare or hurricane or newgrammar of Light. There’s a genuine porosity for devastation, for devastation as generative area and generative emotion. “I have crashed here like a wild speck and started / building,” says Katz in her ripped embrace of tiny potentials. These poems are The Raincoats in your earbuds on a Wednesday you don’t care for anymore. They’re a disco particle drinking a Bloody Mary off the back of a tender avalanche, right? Totally. On the page, Katz’s forms fold disaster into a really comfortable sweater. Then a radical opening: “Look at these trees like slaw forks / alive in the mud.”

-Carrie Lorig and Nick Sturm, authors of Labor Day

"Elsewhere there are a million of RE Katz’s swords under a glass case."

-Mike Young, Publisher of NOÖ Journal